Vaginal Ovules with Hyaluronic Acid

Discover Innate extensive range of vaginal ovules with hyaluronic acid, our advanced research and development team select the best formulation to offer targeted relief and support for vaginal health and well-being.

Women’s vaginal health

For the last 20 years, Innate has been offering a complete selection of advanced products tailored to support vaginal health and promote overall well-being, like vaginal ovules with hyaluronic acid. All products within our gynecological line are meticulously formulated to promote the natural balance of the vaginal flora and design for the treatment of specific disorders such as vaginitis, cervicitis and leukorrhea. Among our goals, we want patients to experience improved comfort, reduced inflammation, and enhanced moisture levels, leading to optimal gynecological wellness and a better-quality life.

More than 70% of women suffer from vaginal health problems and many issues can arise, from adolescence to menopause.  The distribution of vaginal ovules with hyaluronic acid allows the recovery and treatment of chronic vulvovaginitis, cervicitis and cervical erosions of various etiologies, restoring regular PH and microflora of the mucosa, while promoting the natural process of re-epithelization.

vaginal ovules with hyaluronic acid
vaginal ovules with hyaluronic acid


At Innate, quality is the most valuable asset: our products are manufactured in order to comply with the highest industry standards.

Gynecological formulations

At Innate, we prioritize quality and innovation in product development and manufacturing. Our gynecological line, which includes vaginal ovules with hyaluronic acid is designed using the latest technology and undergo rigorous quality control measures to provide safety, efficacy, and reliability with every use.
Our R&D department developed patented products for different uses:

  • Giaval® vaginal ovules: to restore and promote the re-ephitalization of the vaginal mucosa
  • Gyntonique® vaginal ovules: Boric acid and lactic acid help to restore the standard pH and microflora of the mucosa, while Sodium Hyaluronate promotes the natural process of re-ephitelization. The brand, depending on the territory, can also be commercialized under the brand name of RepHegyn®.

Continuously driven by innovative solutions both in formulation and packaging, Innate also show reliability through various certifications, that allows the team to test and develop numerous kind of products, suitable for different applications. Discover all the benefits of having Innate as a partner for your gynecological production line and make a difference enhancing your patients’ lives. Visit our website to learn more about our company and explore our full lineup of gynecological products.

hyaluronic acid vaginal ovules
hyaluronic acid vaginal ovules


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