New Video! – Discover the world of Playal® infiltrative therapy

Categories: NewsPublished On: 3 November 2023

Embark on a journey through Playal®’s innovative infiltrative practice, designed for people who subject their joints to significant stress. Join us as we delve into the realm of joint care, offering a unique perspective through our latest 3D video. Witness the precise delivery of our biocompatible hyaluronic acid-based gels into the joints, providing a cushioning effect that is essential for those who demand the best from their joints.

Discover the world of Playal® infiltrative therapy

In our dynamic 3D video, we unveil the intricacies of Playal® infiltrative practice, a revolutionary approach to joint health. For those who push their joints to the limit, this practice represents a breakthrough.
At the heart of Playal® is a commitment to providing unparalleled joint support, especially in scenarios of severe mechanical stress or degenerative conditions. Our infiltrative practice is a testament to cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of biomechanics.

Why Playal®?

Our injectable formulations boast a final concentration of 2.0% high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (1.8 MDa – 2.6 MDa). This ensures an extraordinary degree of viscosupplementation, providing immediate shock absorption performance. Niacinamide, a water-soluble vitamin, further enhances the longevity and effectiveness of our products.

Discover the world of Playal® infiltrative therapy.